The mini version of Minecraft


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Minicraft is a 48 hour project developed by Notch, the famous developer of the successful Minecraft. We could say that this game is an 8-bit version of the mentioned sandbox and a bit more simple, although it keeps offering a good bunch of possibilities.

Create workbenches to then create lanterns, funditions to create gold lingots ovens to cook meals,... Of course, all those objects can used to fight against enemies or destroy the scenario.

Yes, it sounds pretty similar to our beloved Minecraft, but this time the perspective is a top-down view in 2D instead of that first person view of the original one and that makes this one to be far different in terms of playability.

The graphics will remind you the classic Nintendo games and many of you will remember the first Final Fantasy game.

Minicraft is a very funny game that won't get you hooked for hours like its 'brother' but which is worth some hours playing in short whiles.
By Álvaro Toledo